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So, after hearing that I ought to in Crafty Chat, I got a Twitter!


Also, I got another doll, ordered at the same time as Samantha, but she took longer to get here. I got a Jess!


Amazon Student

For the information of everyone in school here who is as addicted to Amazon.com as I am, if you provide your student email, your school, and your major, you get an Amazon Prime membership, which means FREE two-day shipping on everything. SWEET.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

I'm doing Christmas cards for the first time! Who wants one?

Jun. 10th, 2009

Sleep well, sweetie.

Writer's Block: Wild Rumpus

A lot of characters in kids' books have it pretty good, from calling the start of the wild rumpus to ordering room service from their hotel suite. If you could be any character from children's literature, who would you be?

Madeline! I'd be Madeline from Ludwig Bemelmans' book series, the first book of which is similarly named. When I was a little kid, I'd always tell people that my name was Madeline when they asked, which caused my mother to look like a crazy person upon correcting me! Madeline was awesome, brave, cute, and for some reason, half the time I played pretend I was always part of a large group of kids, like in Madeline's orphanage(Not orphanage, boarding school! Thanks, st_andrews_girl) or something. Or at Hogwarts. Go figure!

Liberated Learner (Reprise)

So, I'm applying to Marlboro College next year, and they request from homeschoolers a detailed transcript of their learning. I wrote one, and I'd like feedback on it, so I'm posting it here. I'd appreciate feedback, thanks! In other news, I'm going on a writing retreat with Charlotte this weekend, so I won't be online, but hopefully I'll have work to showcase at the end of it!
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In Dreams, Chapters One and Two

Here's two chapters of my novel. Please critique!

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So, I have a new interest.

I started making costumes from the "Narnia" movies recently, first I made a (very crappy) version of Lucy's "Rust Red Dress" from Prince Caspian. Now I'm making Susan's "Green Archery Dress" from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Susan's dress is already harder and more time consuming. I did Lucy's in two pieces. Susan's is only one, and it's double princess seamed, meaning, it's got complicatedly obnoxious seams at both the back and the front. Hurk. It's dark green with white underneath, and will lace up the back with green braided cord when done. I'll post pictures as I go along. This is fun! And yes, I know it's 5:30 in the morning, I've been up all night working. FUN.

In other news, I start my UMASS job on Monday (tomorrow!) and move in tonight. Also fun.

In OTHER news, it's my birthday! I'm 19.


Chapter Two: Sensei

Chapter Two: Sensei

William slipped out of the tent, coming towards Kiva and kneeling beside her. He brushed his hair back from his face with his fingers, combing through the blonde locks as he did so, and turned to her.
“Go find it.” She said snidely, turning away. She felt almost badly for treating her comrade this way, but something in her just said “be nasty today”. And so she was. Hurt, William skulked off, presumably to find food.
A half hour later, William returned with an armful of boughs, dumping them on the ground next to where Kiva still sat, gazing into the flame.
“What?” She snapped.
“I found some berries. That's about it.” Slim pickings were to be had in this particular wood.
“Great. Good.” Kiva said, pulling out her pack. Inside were several strips of dried venison, left over from the deer she'd killed days before. William set about rummaging in his own pack for the small wooden plates they carried. Placing berries on one, he gingerly handed it to Kiva, hoping she wouldn't be cruel again. She took it, thanking him, and in turn, passing over some meat. They ate this way, in silence, scarfing down what little food they had beside the small fire Kiva had built. William decided, taking the last bite of venison on his plate and polishing off the small wild strawberries he'd found, to break the silence.
“When do we head out?” All about practicality, he knew asking Kiva a question about their journey would result in an answer.
“Soon, maybe a half-hour? Sound good?” She asked, her tone softer than it had been.
“That works.” He replied, brushing crumbs from his plate, what few there were, and packing it back in his bag. Rising, he straightened his breeches and slipped back into the tent, rolling up his sleeping mat and securing it with ropes. In minutes, Kiva did the same, silently attaching the roll to her backpack and hefting it onto her shoulders. The tent, they folded carefully and placed in William's pack, using the poles as walking sticks. Kiva considered for a moment, dropping her pack. She turned to William, whose back was turned to her, and whapped him across the back with her stave. He turned around, face hurt.
“First lesson.” She said. “Never turn your back on an opponent.”
She raised her staff again, crossing it with his.
“En garde.” Kiva said, to the sound of the wooden sticks hitting each other. William looked confused.
“You have got to learn to stand up for yourself, she said. “What happens when we're attacked?”
“If we're attacked.” He muttered.
“No. Not if. When.” She replied firmly. “You know of the War, you know of the demons, you know of more than you should, as do I. We're targets, easily done away with. Do you want to change that or not?”
“Yes.” He said, meekly.
“Good. Then raise your goddamn staff and fight me!” She harshly cried, as the sticks raised in an arc and swung through the air, producing a graceful swishing sound. They smacked together, making a cracking noise that echoed through the forest, and Kiva brought her stave down, smacking William in the side. He groaned.
“Don't groan! Fight!” She cried, grunting with effort as she brought her staff down upon him once more. After the third assault, she smiled as she heard the sound of cracking wood, the sticks crossing in midair. William had blocked her.
“Finally! Keep going!” She darted around through the clearing, jabbing and poking at William, who quickly improved upon blocking her. A stab to his groin made him cry out and at last, he hit her back. She winced as he caught her in the ribs. A good shot.
“Here endeth the lesson.” She said, breathing hard. “Well done, boy. Well done.”
William collapsed onto a stump, clutching himself in pain.
“Did you have to do that?” He complained.
“Imagine if this had been metal. Sharp, shining, metal.” She said, gesturing with her stave.
“I don't think I want to.” He grunted.
“You're going to have to. And you're going to have to start learning dagger work, as well. No more using that thing for paring apples, William. It has a purpose. It longs to be driven into flesh, to taste blood. And believe me, it will.”
“We're not all vicious, you know.” William retorted, hurt.
“Well, grow up and get vicious.” She snarled. Her mood no longer foul, she was now more defencive than offencive. She felt the need to make the point that she had not been born vicious. Circumstances had turned her into the creature she was. That was how she saw herself. As a creature. Little more than an animal, doing what it had to, to survive. She knew William did not feel the same way, and for that, she thanked the Gods. He was too young to lose his innocence, but she knew that somehow, she would contribute to such a loss. She kept telling herself that it was necessary. To survive, the boy needed to be pushed, coaxed. He needed to age faster than he was, but it tore her inside. She longed for her own innocence, longed to be a child once more. No longer young at 17, she felt as if she'd seen the world, seen too much, and was ready to simply slip away, fade into nothingness.
William stood, wincing. She'd really smacked him hard, she thought. He strapped his pack to himself and turned to her.
“Are we ready, Sensei?” He asked, invoking the Old Language's term for “teacher”.
She smiled, her first of the morning.
“We're ready.” She saddled her pack and walked towards him, her stride even and proud. She was not broken. She was not defeated. She was Kiva, the Huntress of the Aradec Clan, she was Elven, and she would carry on.

Confessions of a Liberated Learner